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Unfortunately, many small businesses in our country fall into the hands of scammers while designing a website. Most of our customers are looking for us with sentences starting with “I had a site made but…”. Well, is it possible to build a website that is both affordable and as Google wants? Of course it can.

Today, Web design is divided into two in the simplest terms. The first of these is special software and the other is ready-made software. As you can guess, ready-made software is much more affordable, but from time to time, according to the area and functions you will use, these packages with ready-made software unfortunately do not meet the needs. However, a considerable majority of site owners in the world prefer these ready-made software because of their easy interfaces, changeable front-end structure and costs. So which of these ready-made software is the best in terms of price performance?

Unquestionably WordPress.



Mobile and Web

Application Development

Application Development Service

At the heart of technology, at the forefront of digital transformation, we develop the most innovative and effective mobile and web applications for you. So, what does our application development service mean?

1. Mobile Application Development:
Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Therefore, mobile apps for businesses are the key to effectively communicate with users. We design customized, user-friendly and performance-oriented mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms.

2. Web Application Development:
Websites are critical for visibility and accessibility in the global market. We ensure that your brand stands out in the online world by developing fast and reliable web applications that offer a flawless user experience.

Understanding Customer Needs: When you start with the client, the first step is always to fully understand your client’s needs. By listening to the client’s business processes and demands, we determine what kind of software or business development solution they need.
Documentation Preparation: Once we understand the client needs, we prepare detailed documentation to ensure the successful management and progress of the project. These documents are crucial to track the progress of the project and keep everyone focused on the project’s goals.
UI/UX Study: Good user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design is one of the cornerstones of the success of your software projects. We increase customer satisfaction by designing an attractive and user-friendly interface that meets the needs of your customers.
Technical Analysis and Scoping: Technical analysis helps us determine the technical requirements and infrastructure of the project. Scoping clarifies which features the project will include and with which processes these features will be realized.
Software Development: We start the software development process in accordance with the determined technical requirements. In this process, we perform coding, database design, integrations and other technical operations.
Revisions and Improvements: We revise the software in response to customer feedback and changing needs. Revisions and improvements ensure that the project achieves a better result.
Tests: We test the functionality and reliability of the software. This is important to detect and fix bugs.
Go Live: We make the software ready for the customer’s use and go live. At this stage they start actively using the project.
Sustainability: We provide maintenance, update and support services to ensure the long-term sustainability of the software. This helps the client to keep their business processes running smoothly.

Our Processes

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What is WordPress?

In its simplest form, it is a website system with a variable structure. You can learn a wordpress site with its own plugins and ready-made themes in a few hours with the help of experts, you can use it at the level of adding and removing your own products, and you can bring your blog posts to users in a very comfortable way. Of course, it is very difficult for someone who does not know anything to set up the whole site, but you can easily change the areas that will be useful to you with the help of your designer. Thanks to thousands of plugins, you can install many features on your site with a single click.

30% of the sites in the world are WordPress!

Yes, a large proportion of the sites in the world use wordpress infrastructure. While it stands out with being an infrastructure that Google likes, it also has an easy interface for users. It can be designed the way you want and you can choose from hundreds of thousands of themes and see what your site will look like in advance. Of course, the fact that we make it sound so easy does not mean that WordPress can be done by everyone. There are thousands of people in the market who install wordpress for very cheap figures with very little knowledge and then cause bigger costs.

the world's








Keyword; Google!

You can have the website you dream of for your business or yourself designed immediately by contacting us at 0506 610 25 80. You don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of lira to have a website that complies with the rules of Google, the world’s largest search engine. Let’s design a site for personal use, promoting your company or e-commerce together.

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